What is Public Adjuster?

"A public adjuster is a professional claims handler claims adjuster who advocates for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating a claimant's insurance claim"  Wikipedia

Aside from attorneys and the broker of record, public adjusters licensed by state departments of insurance are the only type of claims adjuster that can legally represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process

Having to deal with property damage is never something that anyone is looking forward to deal with. Usually people are shocked confused and just not sure where and how to start putting their life back together. At Alpha Public Adjusting we understand what you are going through and we know what to do!  Having us on your side during your crises make it that much easier to go through this is rough times.

Alpha Adjusting is an essential part in helping you to file, negotiate and settle claims with insurance companies.

We Won’t Let Your Insurance Company Bully You on Your Insurance Claims!
We are good, we promise!

We Work For You

Insurance Company will send out their adjuster to protect insurance companies interest. Don't short change your self by not having anyone there to represent your interests. We will make sure that every part of your settlement will be more efficient and free from stress when you have the peace of mind that our adjusters provide.